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This guide hopefully will contain all the information you will need to know about all the statistics and attacks of the enemies you will encounter during the course of the game. Quina quen is a playable character in final fantasy ix, who is a blue mage with the ability to cast blue magic obtained from consuming specific enemies. Guide final fantasy ix walkthrough steam community. This lets you call moogles on the world map to save your game by. Like previous final fantasy installments, travel across the world map screen and hostile. Friendly monsters, also known as friendly creatures, phantom monsters. It flees if attacked even if the player inflicts more damage than its maximum health, and the only way to defeat it is to answer all sixteen. Monster final fantasy ix final fantasy wiki fandom. Edited encounter list introduction welcome to my final fantasy ix monster faq. The player will know they have encountered one from the battle music, which is much more cheery and sweet than the. It will actually give you different dialogue with the last friendly monster if you. Read the alexandria book survival guide by ruk chan. Aerbs mountains north gate, south gate, summit station. The ragtime mouse, also known as ragtimer, is a special creature in final fantasy ix whom the party can repeatedly encounter in various forests throughout gaia.

Unlike other final fantasy characters quina does not learn new blue. Game info characters magic weapons armor items enemies bosses world map. If not, try using spare change, or simply attack, until the book opens to your foe. Nearly every monster in this forest carries a potion, so be sure to steal some. Each friendly monster will give you the gem desired by the next friendly monster, so you should always have what you need if you come across the creatures in order. The index organizes the enemy in alphabetical order, with the numbers assigned to. If you meet all eight of the first eight friendly monsters, you will be able to encounter the friendly yan on vile island. In final fantasy ix blue magic is learned by defeating enemies with the eat or cook commands used by the character quina. The minecraft map, ff9 alexandrikon monster, was posted by horrrrrst.

The shopkeeper will allow you to fight a special monster under the shop. Final fantasy ix locations final fantasy wiki fandom. You can fight a griffin on disc 2, a catoblepas or amdusias on disc 3, and a behemoth on disc 4. Final fantasy ix monster list playstation by rebirth. These monsters appear on the world map and will not attack you, so make sure you dont cut them down either. You can fight one monster during disc 2, one of two different monsters during disc 3, and only one. It acts as a quiz master, asking the party a yes or no question every time it is encountered. After wandering around the map and going to the previously. Be warned that these monsters are very tough, and only one of your characters can enter the battle. The weapon shop in treno offers an unusual diversion. The blue narciss will automatically dock at a beach near esto gaza. The next project im working on is the alexandrikon monster from the game final fantasy 9 which is the best final fantasy game so far yes better than final fantasy 7 in my opinion d download map now. Final fantasy ix is a 2000 roleplaying video game developed and published by squaresoft for. It gives each enemys stats, elements, status resistances, abilities, and additional information.

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