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The brookings foreign policy studies energy security series. In may 1995 major directions of energy strategy of russia for the period. Alexander gusev and kirsten westphal russian energy. This paper discusses and contrasts the proposals for an energy union in the european union and its impact on its securityofgassupply. China and russia are poised to further deepen their energy cooperation as their top leaders both pledged provide policy support during a bilateral energy business forum in june. Energy information administration, independence ave.

There is a growing realization by russias policy makers and the private sector that increased use of energy efficient and renewable energy technologies can help meet the growing demand for. Parallel tracks peter rutland forthcoming in jeronim perovic, robert orttung, andreas wenger eds. Russian energy policies revisited assessing the impact of the. Energy strategy of russia for the period up to 2030. In the 2000s, the biggest fear in the west regarding russia was, it seems, the energy weapon. Russias energy strategy center for security studies. Managing the challenge of russian energy policies csis.

As comprehensive strategic partners of coordination, china and russia enjoy deepening cooperation in all spheres, which has forcefully promoted the two nations common. Estimating gdp and foreign rents of the oil and gas sector in the ussr then and in russia now, bofit policy brief 102016. However, over the past decade, russias rebuilding of itsarmed forces and its willingness to use beyond its borders has shifted the them toward perceived threat military power. Kiev would miss valuable transit fees, but could receive. View russias foreign policy and energy sector research papers on academia. The paper will cover different aspects of russiaeu gas relations including geopolitics, history and current trends, logistical challenges.

European countries to reduce their dependence on russian energy, but has said the united states. First, russia views its own foreign policy towards the middle east as secular and, since the end of the cold war, nonideological. Russia believes it can and does speak to any and all parties in the region, except for the islamic state. This book examines the interplay between energy policy and security policy under vladimir putin, and his drive to reestablish russias greatness. Russia a nation that has weaponized its energy supply as an instrument of coercion dominates nuclear markets. Introduction energy security has been a central concern of us foreign policy at least since the oil crisis of 1973. The energy security and policystrategy of the czech republic, hungary, poland and slovakia. The european dimension of the v4 countries energy policy. Testimony before the committee on foreign relations united states senate on russian energy policy. Russia has strategic importance from an economic and political perspective with its substantial energy resources, military strength, international connections, and influence. The main field of the topic is energy industry and its security aspects, specifically natural gas logistics. Papers may cover global, regional, national, or even local topics that are of wider policy significance, and of interest to international agencies, governments, public and private sector entities, local communities. As such, it remains one of the most important countries in global energy markets, something that has generated concern in the west amid russias pursuit of an aggressive foreign policy.

Indisputably, there is a linkage between russian gas strategy and overall energy policy and structural power of russia 8. The russia renewable energy program was launched in moscow in december 2010 to facilitate the emergence of a sustainable market for renewable energy in the russian federation by supporting the development of enabling policies, institutional capacity, market facilitation and financing. Formation of longterm energy policy began with the first steps of the new russia as an independent state. The purpose of the study is to explain russian energy policy in the region as dependent solely on the import. Pdf russian energy policy and structural power in europe. Europe, on the other side, has responded with several policies and projects aimed at decreasing energy dependence from russia. Pdf this article discusses and critically evaluates the impact of the russian gas strategy through the theoretical lens of power. In a twist of irony, should russia decide to terminate all gas transit through ukraine, it will reduce, not increase, moscows influenc e over ukraine. Renewable energy in russia mainly consists of hydroelectric energy. Energy strategy of russia for the period up to 2030 app. Foi, june 2007, managing the challenge of russian energy policies recommendations for u.

Russian energy policy toward neighboring countries congressional research service summary russian oil and natural gas industries have become key players in the global energy market, particularly in europe and eurasia. Russias foreign policy and energy sector research papers. Russian energy policy toward neighboring countries. A comparison of the v4 countries energy relations with russia. According to some authors, since 2014, russian policy has become more. Playing chess with the dragon introduction russias relationship with china has a long and complex history, catalysed by the lengthy border between the two countries, the complementarity of their economies and the ambitions of both to be seen as key global geopolitical actors. Chatham house hosted the third and final meeting in london, which concentrated on u. Managing the challenge of russian energy policies aws. The v4 countries and their energy relations with ukraine. Russia is often portrayed as taking an expansionist and militarist stance in a mad. Energy strategy of russia for the period till 2020 main directions of the energy policy of the russian federation for the period till 2010 energy strategy of russia main provisions 1992 the concept of the energy policy of russia under new economic conditions 1995 stages of implementation of the state energy policy of russia. All of these efforts are central to russias energy policy.

Change is afoot the 28 memberstate european union eu has been a growing natural gas consumer and importer for decades. Paper proposes a model of energy efficient development of the regional energy complex, in which provided by mixing and iterative matching forecasts of energy consumption and energy production. Energy policy concept of russia in the new economic condition was approved by the resolution n 26 of september 10, 1992 of the government of the russian federation. Areas of expertise include energy security, energy policy of azerbaijan and black seacaspian region, turkish natural gas market, and european gas market. Options and challenges to natural gas supply diversification congressional research service 1 introduction.

Electricity sector in russia is the main article of electricity in russia primary energy use in 2009 in russia was 7,524 twh and 53 twh per million persons. The russian federationexecutive summary 2 inflated costs of production to bribes and various offbudget contributions by. The energy sector is a key aspect of russian foreign policy and a strategic pillar of its policy towards europe. While generally concurring that russia indeed pursues an ad hoc rather than systemic energy policy, he expresses divergent views on the role of governmentregulated versus marketbased pricing in final and primary energy use, reasons for the intense flows of oil and gas to europe, the role of pipelines in determining oil export allocations. April 20state program energy efficiency and energy development. The v4 countries approaches to the eu energy policy. The first energy project involving a foreign partner to come on stream, in 1994, was conocos polar. Americas broad strategy of energy dominance has a gaping vulnerability. The book will be a great resource for advanced international relations, political economy, international business and globalization courses alongside energy policy courses, as well as area studies courses on. Energy as a tool of foreign policy of authoritarian states. Currently the worlds number two oil producer and number one natural gas producer, the state has strengthened control over its energy production and distribution.

Some 179 twh of russias energy production comes from renewable energy sources, out of a total economically feasible potential of 1823 twh. For vladimir putin, russias role in the global energy market largely determines its geopolitical influence. Russia is often portrayed as taking an expansionist and militarist stance in a mad dash to grab. Another trend has been the concentration of these industries in the hands of the russian government. The 1990s produced few concrete results for us energy interests in russia. Assessing the internal contradictions of this policy, the book argues that russias desire to strengthen its role of energy security provider is. Russia is and will remain the eus major supplier for oil, natural gas and coal at least for the next decade. Pdf the arctic is widely presented as the object of a geopolitical race for natural resources, oil and gas in particular, with russia as the main. Energy in russia describes energy and electricity production, consumption and export from russia. Perspectives on russias energy sector, bofit online 220. Russia has assigned energy the central place in its foreign policy therefore it plays a major role in its relations with the other states. August 2016 energy relations between russia and china. Russias oil and gas industries and russian foreign policy. The eu and russia do not have to start from scratch.

The country is the sixth largest producer of renewable energy in the world, although it is 56th when hydroelectric energy is not taken into account. Several crucial but politically sensitive energy issues still need further clarification of policies. Russias energy policies will benefit advanced masters level students, doctoral students, researchers, policy makers and practitioners. The arctic is widely presented as the object of a geopolitical race for natural resources, oil and gas in particular, with russia as the main driver. Mapping the russian energy sector and energy politics.

Playing chess with the dragon introduction russia s relationship with china has a long and complex history, catalysed by the lengthy border between the two countries, the complementarity of their economies and the ambitions of both to be seen as key global geopolitical actors. Energy information administration independence ave. The structural changes made in the russian energy sector have been significant and have an impact on european union eu energy markets. On the development of the new energy strategy of russia. Impact of russias foreign energy policy on small european. Analyzing what drives russias energy diplomacy with china can therefore shed important light on the dynamics of russian foreign policymaking. Energy policy of russia describes the energy policy in the politics of russia more in detail. Russian federation biofuels annual biofuels update 2017. The german economy minister karl schiller and his soviet counterpart signed an accord linking the ruhrgas and gazprom monopolies and deutsche bank for the following project. Atlantic council 3 issue brief russias energy strategy eastern siberiapacific ocean espo oil pipeline system and the power of siberia gas pipeline.

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