Fixing cracked xbox 360 discs

Choose something like a cloth used to clean eyeglasses with. If you arrived at this page seeking advice on recovering data from a disc that seems to have no physical damage then go to this page to get started. Several months ago, i watched a video demonstrating how to repair scratched game discs using car polish. Now i know the toothpaste trick and the alcohol cleaning trick too, i have already have done this. If your gta v game disc is still operational on your xbox even if it has a crack in the.

The blackbodied, 120 gb elite model was also released in april in 2007, and was sold alongside the xbox 360 pro until mid 2009, when the pro was discontinued. I knew this was a problem with the original 360s but i didnt know about the new ones. No machine is capable of fixing this type of damage. Playstation 2 and ps3 game discs, xbox and xbox 360 game discs, dvd movies, dvds, vcds, cdrs, dvdrs, hddvds, blurays and any future disc products coming out. It is worthwhile to spend a few lines to explain to you guys how these. In a pinch, you can use a wet piece of toilet paper. Fix blu ray disc with a wet clothwet a soft microfiber cloth with warm water, plop on a drop of dish soap, and wash the blu ray disc in a circular motion. I have kids, which means i have scratched game discs that my systems cant read. How do you fix a broken xbox 360 disk when it says put it in a xbox 360. How to fix a cracked door frame yourself september 11, 2014. Comments off on if your xbox one wont read game discs, try this. Spray the included cleaner fluid onto the read side of the disc.

Designed for businesses and individuals who will be doing less than 50 repairs per week. Is there a reliable way to repair scratched bluray discs. The area that houses the disc in the case itself is different than it use to be, and it can be a bit more difficult to pop the disc out of the case. If it doesnt work at first, leave the disk in and turn the system off and turn it back on with the disk still in it. A lot of these problems with your xbox can be prevented upfront, and arent necessarily the manufacturers fault. Or, use a soft brush to remove any specks from the disk before you polish it. Once your game disc is cracked the only way to really fix it is to. If the xbox 360 will still not read discs after cleaning the optical drive, then your optical drive is likely faulty.

What is most disheartening is when one of our favorite games just gets broken or scratched and. If i save data of a game to my ps4, can i buy another copy. If you dont see a service that you are looking for just give us a call or send an email to inquire about it. There are some tips for fixing a scratched bluray disc for you. Xbox 360 hard drive fix xbox 360 hard drive problems. Getting a xbox disk scratched is easy, but the hard part is getting it to work again. Rinse and dry the disc before using the disc repair tool. How to eject disks stuck inside your ps3 our pastimes. Fixing a cracked game disc depends on the severity of the affected part of the disc. Step 3, use the wet piece of cloth or toilet paper to clean the shiny side of the disk. Sorry but i cant offer fixes for a ban or repeat well known issues too many times. The sanding feature enables the easy pro to remove deep scratches, gouges, and even the ring of death from xbox 360 discs. If a disc is cracked, or a scratch is so deep it penetrates the plastic layer, damaging the actual data, the disc is not repairable it may be recoverable, with some very expensive equipmentexpertise. Need help fixing xbox one disk receivertray wonderhowto.

How to fix your scratched xbox 360 disc easytoothpaste. Aleratec 2408 dvd cd disc repair plus refill value pack. Cut out a piece that is the size of the crack and place it on the front side of the disk and gently press the tape down. Now is the time we delve into that forsaken moment when your xbox one wont read discs. Once your game disc is cracked the only way to really fix it is to prevent it from traveling further. After a little more research, i found and purchased this plastic polishing kit from amazon. How to fix a scratched xbox 360 disc know what these discs do. When the xbox 360 s was released in mid 2010, microsoft discontinued the manufacturing of arcade and elite models, but continued to sell the units that remained on stores shelves. When i load the cd it said please put xbox 360 dvd in the drive.

Make sure that it is soft and not the slightly abrasive ultracheap stuff. Problem down to improper use, says microsoft microsoft has responded to mounting accusations that xbox 360 is damaging consumers discs maintaining that there is. Lets try and get to the bottom of fixing the playstation 4 disc reading problem, as well as identify some other troubleshooting areas. If your disk is cracked or has holes in it, then obviously this will not work. To avoid jamming the dvd drive and damaging discs or the xbox 360 console. How to fix a cracked game disc xbox wii playstation youtube. The trick is that it actually buffs down the scratches on your discs rather than filling them in, which tends to be more effective at restoring your media to playable condition. Now i know this probably cant be fixed but if there is a way for this cd to be fixed itll be gladly appreciated.

Xbox 360 controller no battery pack fix use your controller without a battery pack duration. Video game disc pro repair service resurface wii xbox 360 ps3 ps2 ps1gamecube dvd cd gps disc all disc you are purchasing a service not the machine but that is the machine we use the master you will need to send you disc to us which you will pay for and we will resurface your disc and then send it back with tracking to you. Xbox consoles use a laser to gather data from the surface of your xbox game discs. How to fix a scratched xbox game using a disc repair tool purchase a disc scratch repair tool. But this cd that i have has a crack on the middle ring right between the shining xbox 360 logo. You may want to try putting other discs in your console to make sure it is just the disc and not the console itself. Errors sometimes occur with the ps3 which cause the system to freeze while a a disc is stuck inside the console, unable to play and unable to eject normally. Details about 2xvideo game disc pro repair service resurface wii xbox 360 ps3 ps2 ps1gamecube. The procedures described here can be used to repair scratched dvds, cds and game discs or used for cleaning up dirty, scuffed or marked discs. The red ring of death is the biggest xbox 360 fault, causing around 30% to 33% of all. How to clean or repair scratched dvds cds and game discs. It can repair up to 25 discs using a patented flexiwheel, and resurfacing fluid to smooth the surface of damaged discs. How to repair any cd or game disc once cracked or broken. How to avoid your xbox 360 from scratching your discs.

But when it comes to fixing scratches on your favorite cds, dvds, and video games, this novus polish outperforms most selfdescribed media repair kits. So far, it has cracked 2 of my games, which are halo 3 and rock band 2. I dont know how it happened but not long ago my guitar hero iii disk cracked at the very middle of the disk in 2 places right next to each other and go until the end of the xbox 360 ring around. This process is the most commonly used one because you have everything you. Xbox 360 game disc cracked in the middle so today i was playing my game and when i was finished i noticed that my game disc has a small crack in the middle of the disc no crack on the data, just on the plastic and the game still works. These discs have much thicker layers to prevent scratches, but if one does get. Our techs are experienced with the red ring of death, discs not ejecting or reading, and much more. The patented flexiwheel, with its unique microfrictional surface, uniformly repairs damaged discs without losing data. You cant restoration a cracked xbox disk, yet you may get a ps3 and the ps3 disks are impossible to break. The skipdr classic disc repair system is a manual device that can fix minor scratches to cds and dvds. I think he is referring to the xbox 360 game cases. Instructions how to repair a cracked video game cd. The xbox works perfectly fine and i can play downloaded games and talk to my friends and every other function possible, but i just cant put any of my games that i bought in disk form into the xbox due to something blocking it.

Xbox 360 game discs will often get scratches, but these can be fixed with a time intensive procedure that involves the use of toothpaste, water and a soft cloth. Some ps3 models feature a force eject option to remove stuck discs. Whether its an xbox one controller, kinect, or a crack in your new sony vr. Every time i play a campaign, which is about 1 hour long and. Ive covered xbox 360 disc read errors and red ring of death in the past. If your gta v game disc is still operational on your xbox even if it has a crack in the center, you can still fix it following the procedures stated in this article with the help of toothpaste, water, and a clean cloth. I am writing to you to inform you that my halo 3 xbox 360 console, which i obtained around october of 2007, has begun cracking game discs that i put into it. Xbox 360 game disc cracked in the middle microsoft. Op, i would advise you to get a folder for your discs if youre having trouble getting the disc out. For information on how to format a hard drive, go to xbox 360 storage and read the format a storage device section. Has the gaming come to a screeching halt on your xbox.

So my nephew knocked over my xbox and something ended up breaking inside the xbox, so now heres something blocking the part of he xbox where you put the disk in. I had my xbox 360 slim laying on its side and when i turned it on i heard a terrible grinding sound. When its malfunctioning, you need experienced xbox repair service that is quick, affordable, and high quality. Xbox one and 360 repair video game 911 playstation 4.

Video game 911 not only specializes in affordable console repair, but we fix their counterparts also. You can order a replacement xbox 360 hard drive from device support sign in with your microsoft account and then select replace an accessory. Your xbox360 laser burned your disc how can you fix the. Is there a way to fix a cracked xbox 360 cd yahoo answers. Contacting xbox call support and replacing a defective dvd drive with a replacement dvd drive does not work, since the replacement has a different dvd. Video game 911 has the skills to get you back gaming in no time.

So, the inside ring on my xbox 360 copy of left 4 dead 2 is cracked, and getting worse. How to fix the ring on xbox 360 games disc, unreadable disk duration. One of the most common game consoles today is the xbox 360. Jfj media disc repair machines repair fix disc, cd, dvd.

Remove discs before moving the console or tilting it between the. These methods will work on all game discs including discs for the xbox one, xbox 360, ps2, ps3, and ps4. Impress your friends with your newfound knowledge on fixing broken cds after watching this video. Choose one of the methods below to try to fix your xbox game if this simple fix failed. I researched it a bit and it turns out that its a problem. This along with the message to play this disc put in an xbox 360 console is my problem and it is down to the internal laser reflectors being moved and the drive cannot pick up that there is an. Easy pro is capable to do more than 50 repairs per week. Once theres a crack in the center of the game disk there is no way of fixing them. How do you fix a broken xbox 360 disk when it says put it. How to fix a scratched xbox 360 disc in 10 easy tips howto. I opened my disc drive and found my game had a ring around the entire thing and is now unplayable. If were busy then you can even leave your discs with us in store and collect them later and if youre trying to trade in an unusable game, the cost to.

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