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With the matchup zone defense, the onball defender will play tight as if he was. In this video, eric flannery demystified every rotation and concept to equip you with the basics of a matchup zone defense. Tape ratings show how a team would perform on a neutral site against an average tape index team. The 23 zone defense is by far the most common zone in basketball and is more than likely the specific formation that will come to a coaches mind when they hear the term zone relating to basketball. Here is a 32 basketball zone defence play tutorial, here i explain what a 32 zone is and how it works. Teaching, implementing a matchup zone defense winning hoops. Matchup zone is a combination defense, combining elements of mantoman defense on ball, and zone defense away from the ball. Sabans pattern matching scheme is akin to a matchup zone in basketball. With a few variations to the standard zone defence rotations, the normal weaknesses of the 23 zone defence can be nullified and force opposition offenses to adapt in game to meet the new defensive demands. Second, the matchup zone defense is extremely difficult to attack. The 32 zone defense is a disruptive halfcourt zone that forces the opposition out of their regular offensive structure and set plays. It is common practice in basketball to use the zone defense to try and change the rythm of a game or surprise an opponent. The weakness in the defense is either oneonone matchup to the single receiver side, but saban could also.

Simply, rick pitinos system is a defense driven system in which a fullcourt match up press is utilized in conjunction with an unique matchup zone defense designed to confuse the opposing team. A closer look at the bill green true matchup zone posted by bruchu labels. Flip saunders is the head coach, president of basketball operations and part owner of the minnesota timberwolves. In a match up zone, offensive alignments never split defenders, overloads are easier to defend, and opponents have a tendency to get confused.

The pointzone defense is a simple way to match up against an opponent while using zone responsibilities, making scoring a major problem for offenses. It consists of a defense where each player is assigned to a zone, and then they have to move accordingly to where the offense sets up and where the ball is on the court. Each player must use mantoman defense, area defense, and help defense. The 23 is looking to protect the interior, force teams into outside shots, and limit post effectiveness. Alabama football coach nick sabans pattern match cover3 defense is wildly successful, but also very complex. In 1969, eleven years after he first pioneered his defense at chicagos loyola academy, sullivan now a college assistant. The premise of a matchup zone defense is to manipulate the opponent into executing its zone offense versus for all intents and purposes a mantoman defense. Temple matchup zone defense download winning hoops. We can adjust this defense to a number of alignments to where we can either defend against an evenguard front zone offense or against an oddguard front zone defense.

In this video set, you get a comprehensive guide for implementing don kelbicks match up zone defense. Email me if you would like me to pass your email address along to coach neighbors to add to his newsletter. This is a combination type defense in basketball where a team combines aspects of mantoman defense and zone defense the matchup zone defense is disguised as to try to confuse the offense. If you dont play zone in games, then hopefully you can use them as you practice your zone attack against your second team in practice. These notes on matchup zone defense are from scott petermans ultimate matchup zone ebook. Fusion is the perfect mixture between zone and man. Man defense, zone defense the last couple of days ive been busy putting together a defensive manual for our football team in preparation for the upcoming season and one of. Simply, rick pitinos system is a defense driven system in which a fullcourt match up press is utilized in conjunction with an unique matchup zone defense designed to. In a man or zone defence, when the ball is on the wing there should be defenders at the ballside block and elbow early fill. Being someone who likes matchup zones, i thought i would share some resources on various matchup zone defenses. You must use both man to man and zone defensive principles. It is hard for other teams to simulate the defense at practice. Two defensive men must constantly defend three offensive men. The 23 zone defense is one of the most popular and common setups for teams on defense.

In basketball there are more types of zone defenses. Middle tennessee state plays a very aggressive version of the 1 zone, but what makes them different is how they rotate out of it to completely change their defense within the same possession. The first advantage of the matchup zone defense is that it is a flexible defense. In determining which zone defence to use you should consider. One of the keys to their success is the unique variations of the 1 defense that they use. Frese takes you stepbystep through what all five players responsibilities are within the 122 matchup zone. The matchup zone defense combines both persontoperson and zone principles. Defense fresno 1 zone initial set up 1 and 2 are responsible for everything above the free throw line 3, 4, and 5 take anything at or below we match up with the ball, partner takes high post. Here are some basic reasons why i like the matchup zone defense. A matchup zone rule scheme deconstructed posted by bruchu labels. Perhaps the most famous user of the matchup zone wa s john chaney, former head basketball coach at temple university.

The ball side wing 4, quickly hedges, giving 2 time to rotate over. Functional basketball coaching 23 matchup zone defence. The 2018 ncaa basketball tournament has been one for the ages, giving college basketball fans monumental upsets and amazing comefrombehind victories. These notes and diagrams on jim boeheims 23 zone defense came from mike neighbors newsletter.

The guards, x1 and x2, cover everything above the free throw line. Protects the paint the 23 zone is a great defense to keep the ball as far away from the hoop as. The bigs start in the short corners attack from behind, the point guard is stationary, 5 follows the ball. It is much less common practice to use the zone defense as a primary defense, yet that is what coach jim boeheim has done for 34 years on his way to 829 wins and a. Teaching, implementing a swarming matchup zone defense from andy wood, former head boys coach, blanchester high school, ohio. The onball defender closesout and plays tight like in mantoman. A matchup zone can cause problems for offenses finding ways to score. Complete breakdown of the baylor bear s 1 zone defense. Don kelbicks match up zone defense streaming video.

This defense has incorporated more sophisticated and specific rules that are carefully chosen to satisfy the best sides of both the zone and the mantoman defense. Coach don kelbick provides a thorough, stepbystep process to build the fundamentals and philosophy of this defense. This is can be a very effective zone defense, because it still covers the 3point arc as well as the inside game. How to understand nick sabans pattern match cover3 defense. It doesnt matter if youre searching for a different look to your defensive viewpointstrategy or just something that will perplex your best opponents, this zone defense has it all. Its a zone defense that acts a lot like a good mantoman defense. He has also been the head coach of the detroit pistons and washington wizards. On the pass to 2, 5 gets in the post, 4 replaces on the baseline hes a scoring threat behind the zone. Whcn i or 4 point the zone, 2 3 arc always in thc wing position when 2 or 3 i and 4 arc in the wing position. I have watched more than 100 hours of footage on the temple matchup zone defense. South carolina mens basketball associate head coach brad underwood takes you inside the gamecocks philosophy on 32 zone defense in. Pointzone defense picks apart offenses winning hoops. The main reason for this is that the 32 zone hard denies the wings from the top of the key and forces the opposition to initiate offense with a skip pass to the corner or to play through the midrange. Contrary to the mantoman defense, zone defense is based on strict coverage of specific area and the.

It is commonly referred to as a combination defense, as it combines certain aspects of mantoman defense and zone defense college head coaches jim boeheim and john chaney were advocates of the matchup zone defense characteristics. Perhaps, the innovator of matching up out of a zone defense. Here 1 cuts up the middle then to the ballside corner. It can be run out of any formation 1, 23, 32, 122, etc. How to play syracuses 23 zone defense inspirational. By mixing traditional mantoman defense principles with the rim protection of a zone, coach mcgeehan takes away the effectiveness of dribble.

Even though, you can win more games, avoid playing any type of zone. Origins of sullivans match up zone the genesis for sullivans matchup zone lies in the jump shot and genes belief that its development and eventual widespread use fundamentally changed the nature of basketball. When the ball is in the conr, by rules you would look like this. Coaches, i have another new ebook to release to you tonight. I can across some notes the other day that outlined the rules for a matchup zone defense, they were created i believe by a high school coach and posted on the xs and os forum. The 32 matchup zone has a similar look to the 23 zone but has a distinctive differrence in its goal. This 1 zone defense is a unique defense thats incredibly difficult for the offense to beat. Coach frese details how to install the 122 zone, the coverages within the zone, defending seven situations within the zone defense, as well as how to defend against three offense sets within the 122. Winning with the 122 matchup zone defense basketball.

The post players, x3, x4, and x5 cover everything below the free throw line and are. The basic set of this defense will mirror the offensive set of the opponent. This will always give the point zone a look ofa 1 zone from ball. X1 calls cutter, x4 picks him up, then switches with x5 as 1. I hope they give you some ideas to apply to your zone defense.

It has been a progress in work for the last three years and it was totally completed tonight. What is the definition of matchup zone defense in basketball. There are several versions of the matchup defense, but most of them have the same basic rules and strategies. It is commonly referred to as a c ombination defense, as it combines certain aspects of mantoman defense and zone defense. Here is a link to the second part of this post with some trapping ideas syracuse 23 zone part. It has been used down through the years by succeeding coaches in that program. It may be easier to visualize the set as a 122 or a 1 for mental purposes. This pattern done correctly will ensure a player being frozen in their stance. Coach smith maintained that it is an effective zone defense, and is very easy to teach, requiring little practice time for your players to learn it. The 32 instead focuses on allowing for quick closeouts to perimeter players and limiting dribble penetration from the outside. The point zone defense is a zone defense devised by coaching legend dean smith at the university of north carolina. Most coaches would have seen a standard 23 zone defence, but there are opportunities to add in some elements that change this standard defence, to a 23 matchup zone defence. Don kelbicks match up zone defense video and ebook.

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